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Venue: Unitarian Universalist Church, 5212 S. Claiborne at Jefferson, New Orleans


Tuesday, January 8, 7:30 pm

TRUE RELIGION: Individuation, Alchemy and Poetry

Presenter: Deedy Young, MSW, LCSW, Jungian Analyst

Jung wrote “the strongest urge in every being, the urge to realize itself, is an incarnation of the inability to do otherwise, equipped with all the powers of nature and instinct” (1969a, CW 9i, ¶ 289). Central to our nature, this urge is the driving force behind individuation, the lifelong process of becoming who and what we are. In researching alchemy, Jung recognized alchemical images to be symbolic of the psychological processes an individual experiences in the overarching individuation process. Like alchemical images, poetry may also shed light on individuation. Poetry’s languages of symbol, imagery and feeling can bring the concept of individuation vibrantly alive, adding nuance while conveying numinous energy associated with an individuating experience.

$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Elizabeth (Deedy) Young is a diplomate of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. She lives and works as an analyst in Lafayette, Louisiana. One of her poems and an article were recently published in “Psychological Perspectives.” Deedy is a faculty member of the New Orleans Jungian Seminar, an organization that offers monthly seminars to those who wish to explore Jungian psychology, as well as serving as a point of entry for analytic training with the IRSJA.


Tuesday, February 5, 7:30 pm

A Journey from Isolation to Incubation to Transformation

Presenter: Katharine Volk, LCSW, BCD

Caves have held fascination since the beginning of time. As a symbol of the mother archetype, the archetype of the cave represents both terrifying and engulfing darkness as well as rebirth and new life. In Jung’s words, such dark, cavernous regions hold the “layer of the unconscious where there is no discrimination”…”Where split off parts of the personality are united”…”Where the ‘treasure hard to attain’ can be found.” This talk will focus on the warring opposites that might be encountered in a descent into one’s own psychological cave. Isolation within the cave can bring inspiration or depression. Incubation can hold healing development or the inhibition of energy, a life-defying stagnation. Transformation comes about not through an alteration of one’s original inherited disposition, but by an assimilation of the inferior function which opens space for new attitudes. It is an appreciation for the journey and movement towards individuation.

$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Katharine Volk is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in private practice since 1992. She is a participant in the New Orleans Jung Seminar and is an analyst in training with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA)

Tuesday, March 12, 7:30 pm (Please arrive at 6:30 if you would like to walk the labyrinth)


Labyrinths are an ancient cross-cultural archetype for wholeness based on Sacred Geometry. Like a mandala, a labyrinth represents unity and is a symbol for the Feminine. It is a passageway, a womb, a container for healing. Labyrinths can be found in nature and in Chartres Cathedral in France. Labyrinths can be a beautiful tool to quiet the mind as you place one foot in front of the other on its winding path. Much like following your breath, a labyrinth can be physical, grounding, and can bring you to center, to yourself.

Three women, Peggy DesJardins, Rita Breath and Winnie Darphin Bacque, will present three experiences of labyrinths: building them, using them as a practice, and bringing labyrinth to St. Gabriel women’s prison. In approaching labyrinth there is no right or wrong way. You cannot get lost. It is a singular path to the center and back out. You may ask an open-ended question before you enter if you like. Follow the path and be open to a possible quieting of the mind. Pause at the center for as long as you like. Leaving the center, follow the path back out. Often this is an opportunity to integrate any gifts received.

$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Peggy DesJardins, BFA, is an artist with a clay/mixed media studio, a temporary labyrinth builder, and a Talented Art Teacher and Education Coordinator at St. Tammany Art Association.

Rita Breath, BS, MS, is the Retired Director of LSU Bogalusa Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Unit, has a private counseling practice, and is an instructor of psychology in higher education.

Winnie Darphin-Bacqué, BA, has Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Certification and is Co-Creator of the Louisiana Labyrinth Angel Team Ministry, Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (St. Gabriel), 2000-2010.

Tuesday, April 2, 7:30 pm


Presenter: Deldon Anne McNeely, PhD, Jungian Analyst

The concept of evolution captivates and energizes the imagination. And so, we create stories—utopias, dystopias, eternities, deities, imagining our future. Because of global communications, the images of the future that we entertain at this point in our history could have a powerful influence on the future of humanity. And the images we have about our individual futures influence our relationship to the whole world as well. In this program we will consider images of the relationship between our personal development in individuating, and evolution of the species, with particular interest in the unfolding of the feminine principle in humankind.

$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Deldon Anne McNeely is a Clinical Psychologist and diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). She obtained her PhD at LSU and her certification as a Jungian Analyst through the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, and now is on the faculty of the New Orleans Training Seminar. She is author of several books on Jungian psychology, including Becoming: An Introduction to Jung’s Concept of Individuation (2010).

Tuesday, May 7, 7:30 pm


An Evening with the Melange Dance Company of New Orleans

Facilitator: Constance Romero, LPC, LMFT, Jungian Analyst

This year’s Art and Psyche presentation welcomes Melange Dance Company Co-Founders Monica Ordonez and Alexa Erck Lambert. Winners of several Big Easy awards for choreography and performance, Melange focuses on projects that reflect diverse and complicated issues affecting us all. Tackling issues such as rising sea levels, a history of women’s rights, and the American immigrant experience, Melange’s diverse troupe of dancers brings an unusual mix of emotion, storytelling and movement that engages audiences in a profound way.

$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Monica Ordonez, Artistic Director of Melange, has been nominated for six Big Easy Awards for outstanding choreography and presentation. She has a BA in Dance Studies from Tulane University and was selected as a choreographer for the Marigny Opera House New Dance Festival in 2013. She also choreographed a production of West Side Story for St. Martin’s Episcopal School in 2013. Dancing since the age of three, she has been choreographing professionally in New York, Miami and New Orleans for the past 10 years, combining her love of story, social issues and dance.

Alexa Erck Lambert
, Executive Director of Melange, trained in dance in Chicago and, before moving to New Orleans, performed with Ballet Entre Nous and Kinesis Dance Company. She studied cellular biology, ballet and modern dance at Tulane and has performed with the Newcomb Dance Company, Tsunami Dance Company, New Orleans Dance and Alternative Collaborations. She is also an epidemiologist and contractor for the CDC with a Masters in Public Health from the Tulane School of Tropical Medicine.

Facilitator Constance Romero is a practicing Jungian Analyst in New Orleans and Mandeville. She is a Senior Training Analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and a faculty member of the New Orleans Jung Seminar. She lectures nationally and internationally on the interface between depth psychology and the arts.

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